What to wear under a tutu

Some of us grew up wearing tutus regularly, but to others of us, the idea of wearing a tutu may be a slightly confusing and new concept. "What do i wear under a tutu?" "Am I too old to wear a tutu?" 

These are all questions we hear often. First of all, no one is too old to wear a tutu! Second, don't worry! There is no wrong way to wear a tutu. But we all have are own individual style and comfort/modesty level. Luckily, there are plenty of options to fit almost any style or tutu-wearing situation!


Option 1: Keep it simple! 

Not all of us are comfortable showing a lot of leg, so a short tutu may seem a little revealing at first. Don't worry, you can just wear your tutu over the top of your jeans or leggings! Wear a cute shirt on top and add some boots or ballet flats for a cute look without having to show more skin than you are comfortable with!


Option 2: Make it a little sexy!

If you are a little more daring, you can wear fishnets or lace tights under the tutu! First put on the fishnets/nylons/tights and then slide a pair of ruffly booty shorts on over the top of them to hide any seams and to make sure your underwear is out of site. Wear a tank top or corset on top and throw on a cute pair of boots or heels to finish the look!


Option 3: Make a costume out of it!

It's easy to turn a tutu into a complete costume! First, find a tutu that fits the colors/themes of your intended costume. Add a shirt, corset, leggings and other clothing to add to the look. Don't forget to accessorize! Add props, hats, ears, jewelry, wings and other items that go with your look. For example, make a simple, yet sexy, Devil costume for the next Halloween bash by taking a red tutu and then throw on some red fishnets or leggings with red ruffle shorts. Add a devil horn head band, some red wings, and safety pin a tail to the tutu waistband. Throw on some red heels or some black knee-high boots and you are good to go! Animal costumes are easy! Take a black tutu, black leggings, black tank top, a tail and some kitty ears and you are set! 


Option 4: Show some skin!

If you are headed to a music festival, rave, EDM party or Burning Man type event, you make be willing to take your outfit to the next level. Wear a bikini top or embellished bra top with a coordination (or even contrasting) color tutu. Wear ruffly booty shorts underneath. Accessorize with leg warmers, hair flowers and light up jewelry!