Tutu Care and Storage

Caring for your tutu:

  • To prevent wrinkling, always hang up your tutu when not in use.
  • Spot clean only.
  • To control static cling, run a dryer sheet over the tutu.


How to fix a wrinkled tutu

If not cared for properly, tutus can easily become wrinkled. Even if they are stored properly, sometimes they can still a little smoothing and poofing before wear. Even tutus in real bad shape can often come back from the dead with a little love and some magic tutu smoothing potion. Luckily, this smoothing potion can be made easily at home and you probably already have all the ingredients at home.


What you will need:


  • A wrecked, sad, droopy tutu (or even just one in need of a little pick-me-up)
  • A spray bottle
  • Fabric softener (any brand works, at least of the ones we have tried)
  • Water


Making the magic tutu smoothing mix:


  1. Add 1/4 cup fabric softerner to the spray bottle
  2. Add 1 cup water to the spray bottle
  3. Close it up and give it a good shake to make sure it's all mixed together

It's that easy!  We like to make big batches of it so we have it on hand to give our tutus a little extra bounce and fluff before photoshoots, fashion show, or events. It's easy to double or triple this recipe in a larger spray bottle.


Smoothing the tutu:

Hold the tutu in one hand and use the other to spray the mixture generously onto every layer, strand, piece of the tulle. Be sure to get the top, bottom and everything in between. Once the tutu is damp use your fingers to gently comb or smooth the tutu. This may take several minutes depending on the condition of the tutu. Use more of the mixture if needed, but not so much that you end up with excesive fabric softener residue that could weigh down the tutu. If you find you keep needing more, dilite the mixture down a bit with more water so you don't over do it on the fabric softener.


Once all the wrinkles are removed and you are satsfied with the smoothness, flip the tutu upside down on a flat surface to dry. While it is upside down, make sure the tutu is smoothed out so it will dry nicely. 


Once the tutu has dried completely turn it right side up and give it a good fluff. Repeat as necessary to acheive desired fluffiness.


A garment steamer can also be used to keep your tutu wrinkle free if you prefer this method instead!

To prevent future wrinkling:

ALWAY ALWAY ALWAYS hang up or properly store your tutu after use. 


Hanging: While they do make special tutu hangers, you can just use a regular plastic hanger. Position the tutu around the hanger and hang up in a closet. Just be sure not to smash the tutu between other garments or you will risk wrinkling.


Storage: Find a large box or container that your tutu can fit in without having to be squished or smashed. We have had success with large hat boxes or flat bottom tote bags. 


Please note: not all tutus are created equally! The ability for your tutu to return to its former glory depends on the quality in which is was made and the materials it is constructed with. 

Homemade tutus made by strand of tulle tied around an elastic or tutus made with cheap tulle often just don't come back from the dead the same why a high quality tutu made with quality tulle will. You can sure try, but you may not get the same results pictured here. We have used this method on Rockstar Tutus for years and it's rare to find a tutu so damaged and smooshed that it can't regain at least a glimmer of it's former tutu-ness.


Rockstar Tutus are made from the highest quality tulle, netting and organza available. These tulle is more resistant to stretching and wrinkling than some of the cheaper tulle available. Our industrial strength elastic will hold it's shape and elasticity for years to come without getting stretched out. Our layers and layers of tulle encased in our satin waistband create a beautiful poofiness.