Plus size tutus

Beauty truly comes in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, many tutus and costumes come in one-size-fits-all. Right. (Maybe one-size-fits-all girls under size 5?) And when the tutus is pictured on a size 0 model, you know you aren't about to make an online purchase without trying it on first. Sure, tutus are stretchy, but is the elastic going to squeeze your skin and form the dreaded "muffin top" look? 


Women come in all sizes, which is why our tutus do as well! Whether you are XS or XXXL, we have a tutu in your exact size! Not only that, but our elastic is the highest quality around. It will easily stretch to fit perfectly, without losing elasticity, but it is gently enough to lay nicely on skin withouth squeezing or pinching skin. Do to the stretchy nature, sizes are very forgiving as well. 


Our tutus are made to be worn either on the waist or low on the hips: whichever is more comfortable and flattering for you! Our measurments are clearly listed, so you can find the perfect size tutu! 


Our tutus are also available in custom lengths. Whether you want something short and sassy, or you want something a little more flowy and long, we've got you covered! 


We love all women, large and small! Curvy or skinny! Dressing up, feeling sexy and having fun isn't just for size 2 girls. Put on that tutu and show off those luscious curves! Shake those hips! Move that booty! 


We carry a rainbow of color options and styles available in plus size or full figured tutus. Our featured style include:


Classic plus size tutu:

This is the tutu that started it all! Our classic plus size tutu features layers and layers of colorful tulle with a soft satin waistband. This is our best selling tutu ever and is perfect for costumes, marathons, parties, and photoshoots.


Flirty plus size tutu:

A shorter and sassier version of our classic tutu, this fun and flashy tulle tutu features a slightly shorter length and a black elastic waist. This is a sexy option for parties, rave or festivals. Or wear it over jeans or leggings!


Flowy long plus size tutu:

These extra long tutus are absolutely a dream! The longer length makes them flowy and fun for photoshoots, dance performances, costumes or even just as skirts! 


Our tutus feature the highest quality materials. Our tulle, organza, lace, ribbon, satin and netting make for an exciting textural experience! Whether you are a ful-figured or petite, there is truly something for everyone!