Rockstar designer tutus: Wholesale & custom tutus for kids, baby & adults

If your little one wants to feel like they’re a rock star, you can buy them a rock star tutu. The exact definition of a rock star tutu depends on what your definition of a rock star. Everyone looks at that term in a different way; therefore, you’re going to find a number of different tutus that could be considered rock star tutus. Boys don’t wear tutus as a general rule, but how they define rock star is different from how girls think of when they think of rock star. You could either buy your rock star tutu at the store or make one of your own. You have to have some sewing talent to get the job done, but it doesn’t matter how good it looks to other people as long as it looks good to you.

Best selling tutus

The selection of tutu’s is incredible. If it’s a tutu you’re looking for, we definitely have one for your little princess. Whether it’s just for dance class, dress up, a special occasion or everyday wear, we have a tutu that will be sure to make her happy. With March coming up, you might consider a St Patrick’s day tutu, or looking into the future a 4th of July tutu.

A custom tutu can be made to order, even a designer tutu is available. And that’s not all, of course she will need some accessories to go with her tutu, so we also provide infant headbands, Leotards for toddlers and babies.

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Wholesale and bulk tutus

Dance studios need to have the ability to buy a massive amount of tutus for an affordable price and wholesale tutus give them the chance to get that done. Rather than having to pay a fortune for each individual tutu, you can throw down one lump sum for a large batch of wholesale tutus. It’s difficult to find stores that will give you the option to buy a lot of wholesale tutus, so you will probably have to make an order with some company. When you’re dealing with a shop that makes tutus from scratch, you will be able to specify the amount of tutus you want. You not be able to pay wholesale prices, but it’s all a matter of the negotiation process. If you can get the vendor to agree to let you pay wholesale prices, you’re going to make the best deal possible.

Hot pink tutu, black & other color dance & ballet apparel

When you’re dealing with buying something from a store, it’s hard to find the exact one that meets your needs. Manufacturers have hard time gearing their products to meet the personal needs of their consumers because they have to paint their customers with a broad brush to sell the most products. As a result, you’re left to settle on a product for the sake of price rather than what fits the personality of your child the best. This is an unfortunate predicament to get into. It’s one thing to settle for a piece of clothing because the price is right; it’s another thing to settle for a piece of clothing because it’s right. Surprisingly, there’s a difference between the two. A product can be right for you and also way out of your price range.

If you want your child to stay warm while wearing a tutu, you should put them in a leotard and then have them wear the tutu. Leotards for toddlers and babies are very common entry alongside the countless types of tutus out there for both age brackets. You shouldn’t put them in anything besides a leotard when they want to wear their tutu. There are other options in these situations, but leotards for toddlers and babies are by far the most effective. Plus, they allow for you to move around freely and dance without being constricted. Anything heavier than a leotard is going to weigh them down and make it harder for them to move around. When they’re wearing a tutu, that’s the first thing they want to do.

Halloween tutus, costumes & adult tutus

Halloween tutus are perfect for any little girl who dreams of dressing up as a princess, fairy, lady bug, or ballerina. In fact, the costume ideas with a tutu are simply endless. Your little girl will look charming and feminine in any kind of Halloween tutu.

Halloween costumes can be a challenge for many mothers, especially when your child has a very specific idea in her head of what she wants to dress up as. If your daughter wants to be a lady bug, no problem! A black tutu with red dots will do the trick. What about a fairy princess? Add a pair of wings to any color of tutu and you’re set. Tutus will work for most any costume this Halloween…from angle to devil to pumpkin. Try a Halloween tutu for your little darling. There’s no tricks here, just sweet treats!