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Famous Ballerinas

A lot of people who are trying to rise to the top of their profession choose to study the people that came before them that also did it better than anyone before or since.  If you want to become a ballerina, you should study famous ballerinas to get a sense of what the great ones did.  You should take what they did best and incorporate it into your routines.  It's important that you add your own little twist to their moves because the last thing you would want to do is rip off the moves of famous ballerinas.  Famous ballerinas were famous for a reason.  They practiced constantly and perfected moves that would become the standards for generations of dancers to come.  You should either take what they did and go your own way with it or make your own moves that are separate from what they did best.

Famous ballerinas aren't hard to find because they're the ones people talk about when you're in ballet circles.  You will hear people gush about the moves that they pioneered and special performances that end with them saying “You should have been there.”  If you want to be included in these conversations, you should go your own way and create your own moves.  People have a way of remembering those that did things their own way over those that decided to ripoff the pioneers and the great ones of the past.  You're going to toe a line when you're climbing through the dancing ranks.  If you get great, you're going to be compared to the famous ballerinas if your style mirrors their styles in some way.



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