About Rockstar Tutu

How it started

There is certainly no shortage of tutu websites out there, but after buying tutu after tutu the results failed to impress us. We saw everything from inconsistent tied tutus that were nothing more than strips of tulle tied around elastic to low quality product made in China and stuffed so hastily into a bag the tutu was too wrinkly to even be worn. There are high quality tutus out there, but many of them are so expensive and the wait time on these made-to-order tutus are often a couple of weeks or more. We knew there had to be a better way. After making thousands of tutus and experimenting with all varieties of materials, threads, machines, and techniques, we finally developed the perfect tutu. Made with the finest quality materials, out tutus are hand sewn. The durable, non-roll elastic waistband is covered with matching soft satin fabric for a more comfortable feel.


What makes us different?

First off, our tutus are sewn, not tied like many of the tutus out there, in the USA. We use the highest quality tulle, satin fabric, thread, and other ornaments. We use heavy duty, non-roll elastic to ensure long-term fit. Our tutus are made to last. All of the tutus we offer, aside from custom orders, are in stock and ready to ship. We package and ship our tutus carefully. Your tutu will ship flat and arrive smooth and ready to wear.


Rockstar Tutus are perfect for Halloween costumes, raves, concerts, festivals, dance studios, birthday parties, photoshoots and even everyday wear. Tutus come in a wide range of styles, sizes, lengths, colors, and themes. Wholesale and custom orders are available


The Rockstar Tutu studio and warehouse are located in Salt Lake City, UT.